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Künstlermonographie Sybille Will

23 Sibylle Will 1963 in Offenbach am Main geboren künstlerische Ausbildung an der Freien Kunstakademie Nürtingen und der Europäischen Kunstakademie Trier seit 2000 als freischaffende Künstlerin tätig und Mitglied im VbKW / BBK zahlreiche Ausstellungen im In- und Ausland Unplugged 2010 Mischtechnik auf Papier aufgenäht auf Canvas 60 x 50 cm Abb. S. 22 Die Liebe ist ein Hemd aus Feuer 2011 Acryl auf Canvas 100 x 80 cm once were and, on the inside, still are. A small cycle still being expanded is “hands”: protecting, multiplied, and held in front of the face in such a way that only the gesture permits any interpretation. Will has also repeatedly painted “Gesichterbilder” (Faces). These close-ups are concerned neither with recognizability nor the pursuit of resemblance; on the contrary, they even seek to avoid these. ­Affective states, desires, dreams are depicted. Will’s earlier ­pictures con- sist almost exclusively of faces; it was only later that the figures appeared. Currently, the focus of her artistic activity has once more shifted towards the theme of faces: Will has moved in a largely ­abstract ­direction in her new works and is attempting to ­discover how little can still be enough to depict a face. Because of the time required for drying, Will always simultaneously works on multiple pictures. On the floor of her studio, she kneels between her works und spends weeks adding one layer after another until she is satisfied with a picture: “Then there is ­suddenly nothing more to do. I look at it and there is an ­empathic, good feeling that remains for a long time.” ­Viewing Will’s works can be compared to jumping off a high dive: A slight shock accompanies the look down. However, once viewers jump and submerge them- selves, they experience the joy of what awaits them under the surface. Übersetzung: Michael Wetzel, M.A. |