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Künstlermonographie Sybille Will

22 Impressum Vernissage Mediengruppe GmbH & Co. KG Geschäftsführung: Hans Burkert, Andrea F. Müller Bergheimerstraße 104-106, 69115 Heidelberg Tel. +49 6221 65306-0, Layout: Alice Lipp & Daniel Jürgens Redaktion: Britta Weidner, M.A. Alle Fotos: © Michael Rieger Einmal jährlich nominiert die Vernissage- Jury aus 30 ausgewählten Künstlern drei Jahrespreisträger. Für diese drei Künstler wird eine eigene Künstlermonografie im Rahmen der neuen Reihe „Vernissage Jahrespreisträger" erstellt. Zu den Jahres- preisträgern 2012 gehört Sibylle Will. Sibylle Will Strickerweg 4 73329 Kuchen Tel. 07331 83342 we take life as it comes, and we nonetheless remain ourselves: self-willed, defiant, and vulnerable. Some people want to see pain and sorrow in Will’s pictures − something that the artist herself cannot ­understand. “That surely comes from the fact that peo- ple always want to see a smile on the face looking at them, which serves as a conciliatory gesture. It is, of course, the same in the animal kingdom − bared teeth mean ‘I’m not going to hurt you.’” However, because Will’s beings are inner images and, therefore, do not communicate directly, a gesture of communication, such as a smile, is unnecessary. Will often works in series. “Circles” includes figures whose heads are surrounded with black circles that symbolize thoughts, an aura, and a space protected from the outside world. In other beings, the whole body is surrounded by circles. The “Randfiguren” ­(Marginal figures) are otherworldly, ungrounded beings. Their name derives from the first works of the series, in which the fragile figures are shifted dramatically from the center of the picture. Slender and androgynous, because it is not gender (usually female) that is to be emphasized, but rather the being, the child, that we all The “Randfiguren” (Marginal figures) are otherworldly, ungrounded beings.