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Künstlermonographie Sybille Will

19 Although Will used to occasionally articulate the moods of photographs in her works, she now draws her ideas from within herself. The artist has devoted her attention to the theme of humanity, which she explores intensively in her works. Her fascination with this theme provides a fixed constant in her artistic development, as does her figurative approach. Her pictures communicate the emotional world and the “inner face” of the depicted figures. She creates an image of what lies beneath − of an inner world, but also of the experiences that a person has gone through. The ­figures have a reality of their own: A real, earthbound shell is absent and is therefore not depicted. The viewer sees an inner being, a fantasy, a memory. In addition to the thematic focus of her pictures, a formal structure can also be identified: Heavily wor- ked surfaces within the body or face of the figures exist in formal contrast to the white, empty space that surrounds the figures. This causes a vibrant tension to develop: both in terms of content and in terms of formal rhythm and energy. The bodies seem detached from every trace of reality. There is no context, no ­surroundings, no narrative − perhaps that nothingness from which we come and to which we shall return or the absolute shutting out of all the unimportant ­trappings, because we are actually IN the figure. For- mally, the completed picture is thus able to preserve the lightness and the unfinished character of the original sketch, the disegno. This impression is further enhanced through graphic elements, such as dark, black lines and blurred edges. The artist has also been and remains inspired by the aesthetic principle of the Japanese doctrine of ­wabi-sabi, according to which beauty is to be found in the fleeting, ephemeral, and incomplete. The pale ­tonality, the vulnerability, and the fragility of the ­figures testify to this. Will creates her work using a mixed-media tech- nique. The basic foundation is typically realized in acrylic, which is then repeatedly reworked with oils, spray paint, drawings, and washes. After the canvas has been grounded, the figure is the first thing to appear. Corrections during the painting Abb. v. l. n. r. Rambutan 2012 Acryl auf Leinwand 130 x 75 cm Starfish 2013 Mischtechnik auf Papier 70 x 50 cm See Me 2 2012 Acryl auf Leinwand 100 x 80 cm Abb. S. 18 Dreamwalker aus der Serie Randfiguren 2011 Mischtechnik auf Leinwand 100 x 80 cm