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Künstlermonographie Sybille Will

16 Marginal Figures and Faces It always begins with a drawing. Before Sibylle Will places one of her figures on the canvas, she has ­always already drawn her idea of it countless times on paper. Outside of the studio, in a relaxed situation, sketching and drawing help her to approach closer to her inner vision of face and figure. Often, it remains the same vision that is drawn over a long period of time and re- peatedly – planlessly, next to and on top of one another – until her inner image has taken on a clear form. Then, Will quickly begins a picture, without any ­preliminary drawing on the canvas. Using mixed media and working in a lengthy series of stages, she causes the figure, the face to emerge. “I love watching how particular facial features become blurred in the wa- ter and new ones emerge − and how this leads to a ­vibration and an ambivalence in the gaze or in the whole.” For weeks, she paints wash upon wash and watches how her new “being” develops in the course of its many metamorphoses. This results in a distinctive creative dynamic: At a certain point, the image takes control and, from then on, it determines the direction that things take. A dialogue develops between artist and image. Even as a very small child, the need to draw was ­already a fixed constant in Will’s life. Regardless of what form the first lines resembled, in the end, they always ­turned into a human figure. Will ­began her ­artistic ­career many years ago by painting faces that were in- troduced to the canvas using forceful ­brushstrokes and dark colors. Inspired by Marlene Dumas and ­Douglas Kolk, she is always ­concerned not with the mere reproduction, but with the ­unmediated depiction of inner emotional worlds. Often, it remains the same vision that is drawn over a long period of time. Skizze Spiral Spiral aus der Serie Circles 2012 Mischtechnik auf Papier 70 x 50 cm